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Welcome to Wiki!


All information about all of our game servers including Minecraft can be found on this page.


We have irc, you can either use our web client located here or join port 6667 #thedarkserver

Teamspeak 3

DarkServerUK also has a Teamspeak 3 server, come join us! The URL is: or use our super speedy link here.

Social Networks

We are on both Facebook and Twitter
Like / Follow us for the latest news!

Wall of Fame

Anyone who has donated money to the server (started from 24/03/2015) will get a special place here!

  • Darkrising aka Dark (Owner, puts in money every month)
  • Saitek2073
  • Beavelguy
  • Lumberdan02
  • Baedian
  • Lashtear
  • Spy426